Join Us

Join Us

Where you need to go

Our weekly rehearsals take place at Alte Feuerwache (Gathe 6, 42107 Wuppertal, Room Alte Wagenhalle)


What to expect

We meet every Thursday from 18:00 till 20:00 for practicing sessions. At the beginning of each session, we start with warm-up excercises, that enable us to transition into a rehearsal mode and attune our minds and bodies for the rehearsals. Usually, the rest of the each session consists of improvisation activities or rehearsals based on scenes from our daily lives. which also lays the stepping stone for our work. In this intensive practice session, irrespective of the performances, we enact naturally and at times for longer durations of time.

We make sure that all of us feel welcomed and good. Our practice sessions always offer a room for personal discussions and exchange of ideas.

We hold the process of developing the play together very important. All should have the chance to voice their opinions in the group. In order to achieve this, all our instructions, discussions and comments are translated respectively. It is important for us that we develope trust amongst each other.

Apart from that, we had organised in october 2016, a rehearsal week. In those three days, we had worked vigorously and also enjoyed together.


This you can do with us

It is always possible to join WUPPERSPUREN and work together with us. Be it theatre artist, technician or for the organisation work- in the group, we have many interesting assignments and roles to play. All people above 15 years of age are welcome. Surely, you can first come and have a look to decide if it appeals to you.

The participation is for free.

You can work with us in the following fields: